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User Experience (UX) Design:

User experience design, as its name suggests, is about designing the ideal experience of using a service or product. As such, it can involve all types of products and services. However, in the main, the term user experience design is used in relation to websites, web applications and other software applications. Since the second half of this century’s first decade, technologies have become increasingly complex. Early websites were simple static pages that served up information to feed curious searchers; however, a few decades later, what we can find a wealth of online are sites that are interactive and offer a much richer feel for users.

What is User Experience (UX)?

In general, user experience is simply how people feel when they use a product or service. In most cases, that product will be a website or an application of some form. Every instance of human-object interaction has an associated user experience, but, in general, UX practitioners are interested in the relationship between human users and computers and computer-based products, such as websites, applications and systems.

Who is a UX Designer?

A UX designer is someone who investigates and analyzes how users feel about the products  he or she offers them. UX designers then apply this knowledge to product development in order to ensure that the user has the best possible experience with a product.

UX designers conduct  research,  analyze their findings, inform other members of the development team of their findings, monitor development projects to ensure those findings are implemented, and do much more.
The  success or failure of a development project was down to luck as much as it was down to the judgement of the design team.
Focusing on UX enables design to focus on the user. It increases the chances of a project’s success when it finally comes to market.

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